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How professional bestselling fiction authors use outlines to write and sell books.

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Why outlines are the secret to bestselling fiction


How to plan, structure, and write a novel


Creating characters your readers will fall in love with


Pacing, development, and genre expectations your readers want

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Yeah, it’s 100% free. But that’s because it’s part of a much larger body of helpful material exclusively created for self-published, independent, and first-time authors.

But you don’t have to be new to the writing game: this course is for any author interested in learning how to structure their outlines and novels in a way that’s guaranteed to generate more goodwill, reader love, and — of course — more sales.

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Nick Thacker is a USA Today Bestselling author of over 40 thriller and action-adventure novels.

He teaches, coaches, and creates courses and guides for authors through his platform, Book Career In A Year.

He lives in Colorado and Hawaii, and writes in breweries worldwide.

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