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The Power of Outlines: Crafting a Path to Successful Writing

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Nick [00:00:05]:
Welcome in. I am so excited to jump into this one with all of you. This is my favorite subject ever. I like it even more than I like talking about myself, which we’re gonna do. This is about outlines. This is about how to take an idea, a concept, a germ of something bigger, and expand it into a finished product, and specifically, the 1st stage of getting to that finished product, which is, of course, creating an outline. And I like to say creating an awesome outline because you can call anything an outline, really. You can just put some words down on a page and say, this is my outline.

Nick [00:00:50]:
But I’m gonna show you the method that I use, that I’ve developed over 15 years now, maybe, of writing, that I use to produce books that actually sell. Okay? And I, Again, I’m I’m not a millionaire. I’m no, you know, number 1 New York Times bestselling author. I am a USA Today bestselling author, which doesn’t mean anything anymore, but, I’ve sold a lot of books. And, specifically, I’ve sold a lot of thrillers. I’ve sold action adventure thrillers mostly, but I’ve done crime thrillers. I’ve done mystery thrillers. I’ve done science fiction thrillers.

Nick [00:01:30]:
I’ve even dabbled a little bit in some other genres like romance, but I’m not gonna talk about that as much because that’s not my bread and butter. However, It doesn’t matter what you write. You’re watching this. You’re listening to this, and you write something. Whatever that something is, I believe It can be improved with a good, awesome outline, and that’s what we’re going to talk about. Now I’ve mentioned who I am. We’re gonna talk about me just a little bit more in case you don’t know. And it’s it’s not to brag.

Nick [00:02:01]:
It’s not to tell you, you know, I’ve sold all these books and, and and you should listen to me. It’s really more just saying, hey. I’ve I’ve struggled a lot. I’ve messed up a lot. I’ve done a lot of things that didn’t work, And so I’m not gonna show you that stuff. I mean, we may talk about it a little bit, but what I’m gonna show you is the stuff that does work. It’s the stuff that actually gets readers to sit up and pay attention and buy your book and read your book and then buy more of your books, right, and tell their friends. That’s what we’re all after.

Nick [00:02:31]:
You know, we’re not here to talk about commercialism, or commercialization of fiction and all that. I mean, that that that’s happening, but I think you and I can both agree that there’s something to this whole writing thing. What I mean is, I there’s something about this Where in the back of our minds, even though we may not want to admit it, we we think to ourselves, somebody named him, but fill in the blanks is selling a lot of books. I I feel like I’m good enough to do that. Right? I feel like I can I deserve that? You know? And we’re not gonna talk about money. We’re not gonna talk about finances, but I’m telling you, there is a way, and it usually starts with the outline.

Welcome to the world of crafting written works! I’m thrilled to explore the art of outlining with you, a pivotal skill in transforming a simple idea into a finished product. My journey with writing has taught me important lessons that I’m eager to share. Let’s embark on this educational voyage as we delve into the importance of outlines in the writing process.

The Purpose of Outlines

The essence of an outline lies in its ability to take a concept and expand it into a coherent and engaging piece of work. An effective outline serves as the roadmap for your writing, guiding your thoughts and ideas towards a finished product. It’s not just about jotting down some words on a page, but rather crafting a strategic plan for the entire writing journey.

The Method Behind the Magic

After over 15 years of writing experience, I’ve developed a method for creating outlines that has led to the production of books that resonate with readers. This method has been instrumental in my success as a USA Today bestselling author. While genres may differ, the fundamental impact of a well-crafted outline remains consistent. It’s the backbone that supports all forms of writing, from thrillers to romance.

Lessons Learned

In my writing journey, I’ve faced numerous challenges and made mistakes. However, these experiences have provided me with valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. While I won’t dwell on the missteps, I’ll certainly share the elements that have proven successful in captivating readers and enticing them to immerse themselves in my books.

Writing Beyond Commercialism

Underlying the commercial aspect of writing, there’s a deeper desire to create works that resonate with readers on a personal level. Writing isn’t just about financial success; it’s about connecting with others through storytelling. It’s about believing that our words can leave a lasting impact, worthy of the time and attention of readers worldwide.

Unleashing Your Potential

We all carry within us a sense of potential—a belief that our words hold the power to captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting legacy. Recognizing our ability to make a significant mark through our writing is the first step towards unleashing this potential. It’s not just about dreaming of success; it’s about realizing that with the right tools, such as an exceptional outline, our aspirations can transform into tangible achievements.


Let’s embark on this endeavor fully aware of the potential impact of a meticulously crafted outline. As we traverse the writing landscape, let’s keep in mind that the journey from idea to finished product is significantly enhanced by an awesome outline. Let’s strive to seize the power of outlines and use it to elevate the quality of our writing, embody the essence of storytelling, and connect with readers in ways that transcend the allure of commercial success.

As we conclude, remember that writing is a personal journey, and the authenticity and passion you infuse into your work through a well-crafted outline will undoubtedly resonate with readers worldwide. So, embrace the power of outlining, and let’s embark on this writing adventure together!

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